TechnologyIs Stablecoin the answer to every complication in the cryptocurrency marketplace?

03:00  22 december  2021
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A modified version of cryptocurrencies keeps coming into the marketplace. The utmost popular modified version of cryptocurrencies are stable coins and NFTs. Over the past year, the stable coin has gained massive popularity as it tends to confront the volatility of the cryptocurrency marketplace. The list of popular stable coins includes BUSD and USDT. Let's find out some crucial details regarding stable coins and how they can solve some significant problems in this industry.

Understanding Stablecoin?

Whether it's a fiat currency or a meme coin, it is a method to perform transactions and a medium of hoarding wealth. So naturally, a currency's most enticing and primary feature is its stability, especially in the actual world. To know more abo0ut cryptocurrencies trading, check how your business can take advantage of bitcoin.

But in the virtual world, currencies are volatile.

The very popular virtual coin BTC skyrocketed from $5000 to $68000 in just one year, and this is not the only dramatic rise in the cryptocurrency industry. The industry has been experiencing such highs and lows since its beginning. The intensity of price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies makes them an unstable currency. The volatility has led to speculations regarding the utility and viability of these virtual coins in both natural and virtual worlds.


Stablecoin is a very potential and modified version of existing cryptocurrencies. The model tends to offer stability in terms of market value. The rate of inflation in Stablecoin is minimal as of other mediums of exchange. Besides being a superior exchange method, they also behave as a great store of value compared to other currencies.

Cryptocurrencies have global availability and accessibility, and with no governing powers, they offer some best in class features for both real and virtual worlds. The advantages of decentralization are secrecy while processing transactions, complete security due to encryption, and a cryptographic network alongside a minimal inflation rate.

How Stablecoin retains a market value?

We all know the US dollar has been a successful alternative to the gold standard. More than 15 stable coins have their market value pegged with one USD following the same concept. In short, the market value of more than 14 Stablecoin is equal to one USD.

The main motive of a stable coin is to acquire zero volatility; these currencies are roped with one of the most stable investment assets and currencies. Three different types of Stablecoin are currently operating. In detail, let's find out about all these three types of stable coins.

Fiat collateralized Stablecoin!

As the name suggests, fiat collateralized stable coins use the currency. As collateral to authorize the cryptocurrency. Besides using fiat currencies, many developers also use price-stable assets like Gold and silver as collateral while issuing the cryptocurrency.

Fiat collateralized cryptocurrencies always remain the same as the fiat currencies they are pegged with. And this is how stable coins obtain a stable market value. Some of the famous fiats collateralized stable coins are Tether popular as USDT, binance USD, popular as BUSD and True USD. These three are the most trusted stable coin models with their value pegged with the popular alternate gold standard USD.

Crypto-collateralized Stablecoin!

The notion of cryptocurrency collateralized stable coin, and fiat collateralized stable coin is similar. But the collateral in the crypto-collateralized stable coin is a popular cryptocurrency rather than fiat currency or investment assets like Gold. The most famous example of such a stable coin is DAO.

Non-collateralized Stable coin!

As the name suggests, there is no collateral in these stable coins. For example, in fiat collateralized, the stable coin has fiat currency or any intangible assets as the collateral. The collateral is a cryptocurrency in cryptocurrency collateralized. And in non-collateralized stable coins, there are no collaterals. Despite no collateral in these stable coins, they have built the network so that the price of these stable coins always remains stable.

The inclined popularity of Stablecoin is boosting the utilization of cryptocurrency as a virtual payment method. With the help of a stable coin, one can avoid accepting only volatile cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Therefore, the applications of stable coins in the upcoming years will skyrocket.

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Is Stablecoin the answer to every complication in the cryptocurrency marketplace?
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